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How To Get Rid Of The Annoying WordPress Update Nag

As you probably know, the latest version of WordPress (2.6) was just released a few days ago. These are just a few of the many blogs that have blogged about it so far:

If you are using WordPress and have decided not to update just yet, I’m sure you know how annoying that update nag in the dashboard is! Since nobody bothered to figure out how to get rid of it (or maybe someone did but didn’t feel like sharing with the rest of the blogosphere :twisted: ), I took the liberty of experimenting myself and successfully removed it.

Just follow the following steps to set your dashboard free!
1. Use any FTP program (FileZilla recommended ;) ) to download the update.php file located in the”wp-admin/includes” directory
2. Use a text editor (Notepad++ recommended ;) ) to open the file and find “update-nag”
3. Get rid of this entire line: echo “<div id=’update-nag’>$msg</div>”;
4. Enjoy a nag-free WordPress!

By the way, this method is 100% safe and has been tested by me, however, I am not responsible for any damage occurring as a result of following my steps.

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17 Responses to “How To Get Rid Of The Annoying WordPress Update Nag”

  1. hehehe i was the one to use this trick :D really thanks for the sweet share :)
    so if any thing goes wrong then i’ll sue you :P

    jjust kidding ;)

  2. Hi Rajaie, Thanks for the tip, I didn’t know if I should update or what everyone was going to do. So I appreciate this advice. Do you have Entrecards Rajaie?

  3. lol cool share ;)
    I really hate those update messages :P

  4. Good tip with the amount of times wordpress is updated these messages can and do begin to annoy you.

  5. They were so annoying (2.6) i update my blog and nearly lost all of the content due it … because those annoying updates kept nagging lol

    u updated to 2.6?

  6. 2.6 really sucks I hate it…lots of problems and annoying bugs

  7. is it just me who think it’s not annoying nag???
    i’v 6 sites using wordpress and i think its kind good to see this nag to let me know what needs update
    but thanks rajaie

  8. I tend to update quickly so the message goes away rapidly as well then ;-) . Personally I think it’s an important reminder that you’re behind, taking it away might make you forget of it.

    You can reduce the message though but still have it pop up at times by playing around with random number generators a bit, like:

    if (rand(1,10) == 7) echo “$msg”; // Lucky number 7!!

    Out of every 10 page loads on random you’ll get to see it once statistically speaking then, so the reminder stays there at times :-) .

  9. Hey Mr. Rajaie, thanks a lot for your comment! Just read your About page and I think it’s great what you’re doing here at your age; I wish I started this blogging stuff when I was younger (not that I’m much older than you :P ). I look forward to seeing you back on my site, I’ll definitely be stopping here quite often. Good luck to you, too! Take it easy.

  10. It gives me a good laugh once in a while. Its nice to see how WP is failing its self to millions of users. :D

  11. i haven’t updated it yet but i will and would certainly take a look at these steps

  12. Cool “hack”. Thanks for sharing man!

  13. Great tip, but I would prefer to update my wordpress. I prefer to have the latest and greatest version for my financial blog. That way it doesn’t crash or stop working etc

  14. by Rajaie AlKorani at 10:05 pm on 21/07/08

    @narendra.s.v, hehehe, I’ll be sure to hire myself a good lawyer ;)

    @jjmomscashblog, from I’ve been reading all over the blogosphere, I think I’ll be wating for WordPress 2.7 till I update. No, I don’t use entrecard.

    @Siddharth, glad it helped you out! :)

    @David Hobson, and I really don’t know how they are useful, I mean, when a new version is released, you’re bound to know!

    @Sabeur, no, I’m haven’t updated and don’t think I will till the next version comes out ;)

    @TripleM, it seems as though many people agree with you.

    @Jim, I don’t really think it’s really annoying, just a little ;)

    @Slevi, that’s a pretty neat trick ;)

    @kidfingers, thank you for the kind words and wishes :) I’ll be sure to drop by your site every know and then

    @kidfingers, I wouldn’t say it’s failing, but I do admit that it’s like it was once before.

    @Melvin, good thinking ;)

    @Lucas, no problem!

    @Ryan McLean, well, according to what I’ve read, updating will do the exact opposite of that ;)

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