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Buzz Theme Officially Released

After a long and eager wait, the WordPress Buzz Theme has officially been released! All themes need their own list of snazzy features and extras, the Buzz Theme is no exception :)

- WordPress 2.6 Compatible
- Valid XHTML + CSS
- Widget Ready
- Clean & Simple Design
- Compatible on All Major Browsers (IE, Firefox, Oprah, Safari)
- Unique Design
- Customized Search Page
- Search Engine Optimized
- Extremely Fast Loading
- 125×125 Banner Ads
- Customizable Tabs
- Feedburner Email Subscription
- Much More!

See Live Demo
buzz theme

Download Buzz Theme

Please report any bugs you encounter in the comments below, suggestions are always welcome.

License: This theme is free to use but all footer links must be kept intact as is

28 Responses to “Buzz Theme Officially Released”

  1. Are you the one who made this? It’s cool. I like simple design. It has similar looks in your blog design.

  2. very good job rajaie… excellent theme!

  3. Very good theme :D Actually the tabs in the theme makes it stand out from other themes ;)

    Excellent job! Congrats on this beautiful first theme :D

  4. by Rajaie AlKorani at 4:51 pm on 16/08/08

    @Hussein, yup, I designed and coded it :) I’m glad you liked it!

    @stratosg, thanks mate

    @Rockstar Sid, appreciate it :)

  5. Rajaie,
    Congratulations on releasing your very first (?) theme. I did not install and test it but did go through the live demo. A few points…

    - The color combo is excellent and simple
    - I am not sure if second level tabs (below header) will be useful
    - blockquote style could be improved
    - The RSS subscription box and submit button could be aligned with the total width of the two 125x ad columns
    - Drag drop (though drop doesn’t work) of the tab images could be blocked?
    - Make the comment box border width 1px
    - For comments, move the avatar within the commentbox or make a callout style to the avatar picture

    That much for now! Great job bud ;)


  6. Nice… I may consider using this for one of my other blogs. Thanks!

  7. Wow, this is indeed a nice theme. :)

  8. Beautiful!

    I like the theme, though the subscription button can be made better. However, it’s self editable!

    Very nice work Rajaie!

  9. Nice work rajaie, the theme is very clean..

  10. Hi Rajaie,

    What a beautiful theme. You did a wonderful job on it.

  11. very cool theme man, but just a small question in regards to the ‘tabs’ thing, what made you use JS over CSS tabbing technique?
    Im working on my own theme and yes tabs are create and im leaning towards css to achieve due to less load times and more ‘noscript’ friendly.

  12. by Rajaie AlKorani at 10:49 am on 17/08/08

    @Ajith Edassery, thank you for those suggestions, I will definitely keep them in mind for next time!

    @Donace, to be honest, I only customized the tabs, but I didn’t create the script. I don’t know how to make dynamic tabs with CSS :)

    Everyone else, I’m glad you liked the theme, but be sure to use it on all your blogs and spread the word ;)

  13. Nice theme Rajaie,I like it. Now I’m testing on my other blog.It’s so nice.Thank you very much.

  14. nice theme, you making me trying to venture into the theme designer world again.. btw, are the footer encrpted? do you sell themes?

  15. Cool looking theme, I like the tabs and it’s clean and simple. I may have to try this one out on one of my sites. Thanks :)

  16. by Rajaie AlKorani at 2:58 pm on 18/08/08

    @derek, thanks man, no to both questions, I don’t sell themes and the footer isn’t encrypted :)

    @Normal Joe, glad you liked it :D

  17. How come I always miss important posts? Or at least I missed two on the day this was posted, the 16th, this post being one of them.
    I like the theme, seems like it is a big hit!Has great features!

  18. Btw if you remove a footer link will the theme fuk up like RedWhite did and make the site go down?

  19. Looks good. Hopefully its fast and will load quickly. Will check it out. Thanks for sharing.

  20. by Rajaie AlKorani at 9:47 am on 19/08/08

    @Nathaniel, no, that only happens when the footer is encrypted, which it isn’t :)

  21. Hi Rajaie,

    You did marvelous. The Buzz theme is beautiful. Congratulations on the accomplishment!

  22. by Rajaie AlKorani at 8:25 am on 29/08/08

    @Barbara Swafford, thank you, I’m glad you liked it :D

  23. Excellent theme … i just downloaded it … i was looking for such typo theme and the precious thing is that its for FREE …..

    Thanx for the info shared.

  24. hey frd … while surfing few blogs … i came across this one … in the footer its written “John Cow Theme By Weborithm” …. so is this theme for free or wats behind it ?

    subscribing to ur feed so that i can get back for reply and read other useful things shared out here …. Thanx

  25. by Rajaie AlKorani at 6:21 pm on 18/09/08

    Hey Puneet,
    I’m glad you liked my theme and thanks for using it :)

    The John Cow Theme isn’t free, you have to purchase it from the official website,

    Oh, and thanks for subscribing

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