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8 Great Sources Of Free Traffic For Your New Blog

traffic jam
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No matter what a blog is about, who writes it, or what it looks like, all blogs have one thing in common, they cannot succeed without traffic. Personal blogs are the only exception, so unless you write your blog for the sole purpose of having fun, your blog will need a constant stream of traffic to succeed.

In my opinion, finding sources of free traffic for my blog when it first launched was the hardest thing to do, after creating new content. Especially since it was my first blog, I found it much harder to get those 1,000 visitors for the first time. Since I faced these issues just a month ago, I decided on writing this post to share some traffic generating tips used by me that will certainly give your new blog a traffic jam.

1. Guest Posting
Guest posting can be really beneficial to you and your blog in terms of increasing recognition, traffic, and building reputation for yourself within your niche. Most bloggers are very kind and are always accepting guest bloggers, other have specific pages that explain what is required from your post.

Although guest posting does have many advantages, it also comes with its disadvantages. If the readers of the blog you guest posted on did not like your article, that will cause you a lot of negative publicity, it will be worse if the blog is very popular. That is why you must be sure to produce your best content and send it over only after you have proofread it multiple times.

2. Commenting On Other Blogs
This does and has worked wonders for me ever since I began this blog. About 40% of the traffic this blog gets comes from comments I leave on other blogs. Other than getting free traffic, commenting heavily on other blogs also increases your popularity within your niche and gains you a lot of respect.

Some things to keep in mind when posting your comment:
a) Keep it short and simple, people like that
b) Have a sense of humor, nobody likes anyone too serious
c) Don’t try to act too smart, don’t act too dumb
d) If a post will most likely hit Digg’s front page, comment first, read the article later :P

I will give you an example of how the last tip will help you the most. Let’s say you post a comment on a blog with 50,000+ subscribers. The post you’re commenting on is really good and has already gotten a couple of Diggs. If the post ends up hitting the front page of Digg, you will be looking at about 100,000 unique visitors (Digg + subscribers). If only 1% of those visitors read the comments, and only 1/2% of those visit your site, that’s 500 visitors! Not bad for a new blog!

3. Participating In Forums
Once again, helping others in forums will eventually get you and your blog noticed. Think of it this way, the more helpful you are to other members, the more interested they will be in what you write and what you have to say. If you ever write a killer post, I’m sure that the forum admin won’t mind if you share it on the forum (just don’t go overboard and flood the forum).

4. Leaving Trackbacks On High Trafficked Blogs
This is very similar to blog commenting, except here you will have to be extra creative since you have a limit of one or two lines to intrigue the readers into clicking your link.

5. Sponsor A Contest
If there are any contests that are going to happen soon, contact the person in charge and tell him/her that you would like to sponsor a prize. Most bloggers will usually look for sponsors by asking on their blog, in that case, all you have to do is volunteer. You don’t have to sponsor an XBox 360 or a new Ferrari, a free link on your blog will usually do the job ;)

6. Ask For A Review
Many popular forums like Digital Point, Webmaster-Talks, and Blog Premiere have a special section where you can ask members of the forum to a review your blog. Be sure to have some content before asking for the review to increase your chance of gaining new readers. One of the reasons I love this method is that if you use a really catchy title for your post title, you can be looking at some serious traffic, for a new blog that is.

By the way, did I mention that you can ask a review on practically every single webmaster forum on the internet?

7. Use The Power Of Social Media
If you have a really powerful profile on any social bookmarking/networking websites, use them to your advantage. All you have to do is write a killer post on your blog, then spam the hell out of your friends share it with all your friends on your profile. If the post is extra special, it will usually promote itself enough to eventually crash your blog :lol:

8. Tell Your Friends And Family
This has also worked wonders for me, and still does. The first day my blog was up, I told all my friends and family (with a bit of help from my dad’s email list) about my blog. That brought me some instant traffic which was pretty good considering it was a new blog! Even if your relatives and friends are not really interested in the topic you’re writing about, they will just visit to congratulate you and show their support. Remember, every contribution helps, no matter how small :)

What type of methods did you use to bring in traffic when you first started your blog?

72 Responses to “8 Great Sources Of Free Traffic For Your New Blog”

  1. i don’t know about point 6
    thanks for sharing this information with us

  2. Nice post. When I first started my blog, my main source of traffic was Entrecard. After that, comments on other blogs.

  3. I have to say that commenting on other blogs has been the best resource of traffic for me. After that it will be contests and social media networks.

  4. Great post! I would have to say that commenting is probably my favourite of your tips!

  5. wow thats a graet share for me expect that guest blogging ;) i do almost all :D

  6. by Rajaie AlKorani at 5:57 pm on 09/07/08

    @Ajay Pathak, do you mean that you don’t agree with it or have never tried it before?

    @Ganesh, thanks :) I never used entrecard since I never really understood how it works :lol:

    @Syed Balkhi, just reminded me, contests are also a great source of traffic. Although I didn’t mention that since they might not always be free

    @Tom, thanks :) Commenting is also my favorite technique!

    @narendra.s.v, I’m glad you enjoyed it :D I have only done one guest post so far, but even though the blog had about 1,000+ subscribers, I only got about 10 visitors from that blog! I guess it depends on the blog readers

  7. great post rajaie i agree with you blog commenting is good way for free traffic, its my first way for getting traffic to my new blog

    contests also good but sadly the traffic can drop as soon as contest finished, i tried it once in old blog and noticed that

  8. by Rajaie AlKorani at 8:51 pm on 09/07/08

    @Jim, your right about contests, they are just like giveaways, as soon as their over you’re back to ground zero…

  9. Hahaha. Thanks for this post man! Really helps. I was blank before I saw this!

  10. Hi,

    I do find commenting as the best technique but am really interesting in another one also. I have seen people asking for reviews at forum, I never knew it was a successful technique.

    Thanx for sharing the information.

  11. by Rajaie AlKorani at 2:38 am on 10/07/08

    @Gerard, I’m really glad that it helped you out! :)

    @Roshni, It usually depends on the forums popularity.

  12. There are some really good tips in here Rajaie. Some I have been using already but I few that I will start using now.

    You’ve just proved #2 works as I found your site through one of your comments on another blog.

  13. by Rajaie AlKorani at 3:58 am on 10/07/08

    @Steve, hehe, I’m glad all my commenting payed off :)

  14. Stumble upon traffic was a boost up for my blog :P
    I did a bit research on it and was able to derieve a lotta traffic from it :P

    but now I depend on search engines and RSS readers and links from other places :P

  15. by Rajaie AlKorani at 4:18 am on 10/07/08

    @Siddharth, SU has also given my blog huge traffic spikes, but it also comes with a 85% bounce rate :(

    Search engines, RSS Readers, and external links are still not close to being my main source of traffic, although, they are improving!

  16. Commenting is really the number one thing. Not only that it drives traffic but it makes you popular :D Also, if you really want a reliable traffic.. Then study search engine optimization.

  17. Nice tips..

    But i’ve never tried #1 though, I don’t get the idea..

  18. Hi Rajaie!

    Great tips! However, finding Guest posters isn’t simple (unless of course you’re running a popular site hehe). Commenting and submissions to Social Media sites are my favorite techniques to attract visitors to my blog. Coincidentally, I also wrote about this topic like 2 days ago, so it may be a nice addition to what you wrote here. Mind to check it out? :P This is the link: Traffic Building – For the Total Newbie |


  19. by at 4:24 pm on 10/07/08

    Great post.surely I like it.But when I first started my blog i got more traffic due to entre card.

  20. by Rajaie AlKorani at 9:25 pm on 10/07/08

    @Hussein, commenting also brings in traffic related to your niche, which is a plus!

    @Handy, basically, guest posting is where you write a post and have another blog publish it in return for a link or two back to your blog

    @Ikki, just checked your article, nice additions to the ones I don’t have., I have never tried entrecard, but I heard multiple times that it brings in a lot of traffic.

  21. I will spam the hell all the stumblers ;-)

  22. by Rajaie AlKorani at 4:10 am on 14/07/08

    @Pavan Kumar, heheh, just make sure it’s my content! :D

  23. Will try the webmaster forum trick. Thanks for the tips Rajaie.

  24. by Rajaie AlKorani at 2:15 am on 15/07/08

    @Pratyush, sure thing, I’m glad they helped you out :)

  25. These are fantastic tips. I recently started a new blog and have been using commenting as my main source of traffic. I receive a great deal of incoming links from sites I have commented and I believe as I continue to comment I can grow my traffic and my readership

  26. by Rajaie AlKorani at 5:42 pm on 17/07/08

    @Ryan McLean, another great tip is to not just comment on the blogs you read regularly, but other blogs as well ;)

  27. Point 6 is new. Got to try it out for myself. Thanks for sharing.

  28. by Rajaie AlKorani at 9:37 pm on 30/07/08

    @moserw, remember, the more forums you ask for a review, the more visitors you get ;)


    Without a doubt, the best way to get traffic is commenting on other blogs and interacting with other bloggers.

  30. by Rajaie AlKorani at 4:05 pm on 31/07/08

    @Geoserv, thanks for the Stumble :)

  31. thanks for the tips. i do have a new blog though, but i am learning to get traffic. How much appox time do i have to put daily to make others come to my site?

  32. by Rajaie AlKorani at 6:54 pm on 01/08/08

    @Ultra reviewer, I would say you should spend about an hour each day promoting your website.

  33. Thanks for the Stumble!

  34. Thank you very much for this information, i think it will help me a lot!

  35. Great post! Lots of helpful tips.Thanks for sharing

  36. Some great points – I didn’t know about 6 either.

  37. This a very good post to help us to open the big door og blogging

  38. I usually used StumbleUpon & Digg to drive traffics.

  39. by Rajaie AlKorani at 12:53 pm on 27/08/08

    @Biho, I don’t use Digg at all, just StumbleUpon

  40. Great tips Rajaie,

    Blog commenting is also a good way to get some decent traffic!

  41. by Rajaie AlKorani at 1:48 pm on 30/08/08

    @Swastik, it’s is also my favorite. Not just because it generates traffic, but it also attracts new readers and makes you well known in your niche.

  42. hello how to increase blog website traffic and more search engine submit how???????

  43. by Rajaie AlKorani at 3:46 pm on 09/09/08

    Hey Neeraj,
    Sorry, but I don’t fully understand your question

  44. Hey great post man.But why dont you try entre card.Its good for brand new blogs.

  45. Technique 1:
    Alright, but how do you encourage someone with a popular blog to let you do a guest post? I’d love to do a guest post on your site in order to get traffic to my ‘new’ blog, but what would make you want a guest post from me?

  46. by Rajaie AlKorani at 3:15 pm on 03/11/08

    Scott – You just write the guest post (a really good one) and send it over. Usually they won’t want anything in return, it’s enough that they’re getting a free post.

    Sometimes bloggers just don’t accept guest posts, in that case, you can’t really do anything to change their mind.

  47. Using social media and getting viral helps more traffic in less time

  48. nice tips.i will try it :D

  49. I have myself seen guest posting bringing in a lot of useful traffic. People are eager to know more about you once they read your guest posts…

  50. I like your calculation on That digg front page…[:)]

    Its nice!!!

    Thanx mate!!

  51. The best source of traffic that I realized is guest posting,contest and commenting on other blog.This would surely increase the traffic rate to the max.

  52. i visit your site these great site because increase traffic by your site.

  53. I find leaving honest and humorous comments is a great way of driving traffic back to your site.

  54. Comments and forums are my main traffic sources.

    Great Post dude.

  55. I think this list is spot on. These are the standard ways to get traffic. I would skip number eight though and replace it with simply an email signature showing off your blog (family will see it that way as will many other casual friends, acquaintances).

    At The Big Desk we are currently offering blog Reviews (with links of course).

    - Great site, adding to my reader right now.


  56. cool tips..
    hey what’s that people all about.. looks so crowdy :eek:

  57. Very good info. I hope to most of it into use soon

  58. I like number 2)
    As for me I also use free Impact Popup in my articles to attract visitors’ attention.
    It works great! You cant try it too!

  59. Excellent list….I liked your idea of commenting on a post likely to be on first page of Digg….

  60. I love going back into the old posts.
    Dude These tips are great, blog commenting is definitely the biggest traffic puller for me. Actually 80% of my traffic is because of commenting.

  61. In the past I have been that blogger to spend too much money on trying to create traffic for my site, and for others as well. So seeing easy(ish) free traffic is such a reprieve.

  62. what’s that, confusing me, how do we measure it?

  63. Awesome tips here, been doing a lot of research to get this off the ground and running for the new site. Thanks!

  64. These are really nice tips! Mainly, I like to comment on other blogs and be a part of great forums.

  65. Great posting. the reason why most people settle for free traffic is because they’re free. but then i see they dont realize that for free traffic to work, you have to exert a lot of effort. these effort would be wasted then because the traffic is of a low quality..

  66. Rajaie, I tried to find blogs that I could guest post. Do you know blogs that allow guest posting?
    I’d be glad if you can share some URLs with me.

  67. Participating in forums is very important if you want to succeed online. These forums hold a lot of conversations about a lot of things. If you can manage to start a chain this can lead to a lot of visitors on your blog.

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