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Sitting on a chair the whole day can make you fat, so you may want to check out some websites that teach you how to lose weight by using free weight loss tips before you start earning cash online.

PaydayMansion Review

PaydayMansion Payday Loan Affiliate Program

The industry of affiliate marketing grows more and more competitive. Companies specialized in this area of activity help other companies boost their revenue with additional sales force. Most popular among affiliate programs are those that sell pharmaceutics, and financial products. There are many affiliate platforms that sell payday loan leads.
One of them is PaydayMansion that has got broad expertise in this area. Payday Mansion is a pay-per-lead programme that acts in the US, and the United Kingdom. Its rules are very simple: end users receive payday loans that help them cover extraordinary expenses, and affiliates get nice commissions for this.
Good money
What makes Payday Mansion one of the most distinguished payday loan affiliate programs is high commission fee. No other such program offers to its partners money for being go-between at such a level. At what is most important, affiliates of Payday Mansion, do not really have to do much about it to get it.

Principles consulted with affiliates
Want Additionally to day-to-day co-operation, affiliate programme is developed with their suggestions and opinions. Hundreds of its affiliates are surveyed in order to get information how affiliate program should work, and what it should have. The most important thing that has been done about it are direct and exclusive offers that are prepared for the affiliates, and high commissions that they can get.
Members Area
PaydayMansion affiliate program is supported with state-of-the-art software for user’s activitity only. Thank to this affiliates can get access to applications that help them optimize traffic and get more money from it.
PaydayMansion is an exclusive affiliate platform, and you cannot join it without an invitation code. If you want to join the programme, you have to consider that there are two stages of verification, before your enrolment is completed. Also PaydayMansion invites new members recommended by its affiliates.
Procedure of signing-up is not at all complicated. You have to give your personal data, address, website URL, and marketing methods, that you going to use. You can use your account from the very moment your submission is accepted.
The dashboard is very handy in use. Its layout is transparent and logical, you can use it with pulldown and pullup triggers, in order to find facts about traffic and your earnings.

Affiliate platform

All affiliates can rely on strong support of PaydayMansion team. If help is needed, you can reach our consultants through Skype, ICQ, or e-mail.

Summary report

Vast Choice of Landing Pages
We are sure that webmasters who have joined our affiliate programme have to hold the most flexible inventory of marketing methods. This flexibility is provided with our landing pages, e-mail marketing, PPC, banners, mobile, pop-ups, and pop-unders. If you get an approval from an affiliate manager, you can also promote products through social media, and job advert websites.

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

Sample landing page

You can use banners in order to generate traffic, also you can adjust banners to the format of your website, so that you can earn more thanks to process of optimization. You can direct payday loan leads to your landing page, generate leads and send them to us.

Bulk site generator
Reporting and Payments
Reports and statistics can be seen from the dashboard. In the member area you are provided with access to real-time data, that shows you the newest state of your earnings.
You are made able to group all information by keywords, campaign, date, subaccount or domain.

Reports – Dashboard

With regard to the payments to our affiliates, all of them are made when a hold period is ended and it is stipulated in the provisions of an affiliate agreement. The hold period is set to take fourteen (14) calendar days. In some cases we can delay a payment to the affiliate due to the method he or she has chosen. But in case of affiliates who generate a great and good-quality traffic, payouts are more frequent for them.
Another part is a referral program thanks to which you can get additional commission for the traffic generated with referrals from your friends or relatives. 5% is the standard commission for such a referral traffic. The best affiliates who are most engaged in cooperation with our programme get as much as 2-4k USD per day (!).

Applications for mobile devices
Mobile applications for such devices as IPhone or Android are also given to our affiliates. With these application you are able to reach more and generate more leads with additional mobile links. The whole traffic generated with mobiles is monitored thanks to the affiliate ID’s our webmasters get after the assignment. Any time sometimes installs our mobile app, it is counted and added to your traffic. This is possible thanks to innovative tracking systems that sees any installation of the mobile application.

Generating new mobile app links

It is normal practice that affiliates join more than one affiliate platform at once, what does not always seem to be a good move. On the other hand, joining one and more focused programme like PaydayMansion will be more reasoned decision. It will of course improve your track record in the field of online marketing and your portfolio will grow. So if you want to cooperate with an appealing niche of payday loans, PaydayManson is a good option.

Ways for Teenagers to Make Money

Lots of teenagers are constantly looking for various ways to make money online and offline so that they can support their social life and buy all the latest gadgets their friends are getting. Most of them usually end up working some part-time job at McDonalds or something but thanks to the Internet now there are many more ways to earn cash. Depending on your skills and what you enjoy doing, you should find quite a lot of opportunities to make money. Some teenagers make thousands of dollars a month from their websites and blog, and I even once heard about this teenager girl that made a few million dollars from her MySpace resources website that had backgrounds and layouts.

If you are a teenager and have the ability to learn quickly and work hard, then instead of going to work at some fast food shop that will just take advantage of you, why not start your own online business? Many people under the age of 21 have become millionaires because they started early on in their life and were working hard while their friends were outside having fun. Working does eventually pay off even if it’s in the long run.

The first way teenagers can earn money is buy selling things on eBay and Craigslist. Ask your parents if they have anything lying around the house which they don’t need and if you could sell them on eBay or Craigslist. Tell your parents they’ll get a cut of the money you make and how it will help you learn good work ethic and all that.

You probably write a lot at school already, so why not use your writing skills and make money writing articles for other people. Like I’ve said a million times already, the web is driven by information which is mainly content, so if you have a knack for writing and can type quickly, then why not make a few hundred extra dollars per month from the comfort of your room. Ask any teenager and all of them will tell you they wouldn’t mind a few extra hundred $$$ every month.

If you have a camera and take awesome photos, then why not sell those photos online for money? Websites like iStockPhoto accept photos from all people and sell them and then give you a commission each time somebody buys your picture.

Love science, math, or any other subject? Well, lots of people are looking for tutors and if you prove to them that you can improve their grades, then you can be hired in no time. Unless you’ve got good grades yourself this isn’t really going to work for you.

There are many ways for teenagers to make money online as well which include freelancing, taking surveys, making websites, and a bunch of other methods. I’m not saying that every teenager out there should go ahead and quit his job in the real word to work online, but it really is an option!

How to Make Money Online Easily

A quick search on Google for information on how to make money online easily will probably come up with hundreds of get-rich-quick scams that will show you (or claim to, at least) how to make millions of dollars while lying in a hammock on a beach in Hawaii. In fact, you probably got here while searching for quick method to earn some cash in about as much time as it takes to get quick payday loans. No, strike that. I meant you came here looking for an easy way to make money online. Well, let’s get one thing sorted out before we move on. There are NO ways to make money online that are considered easy. Whoever told you that there are is probably just trying to sell you something.

Think about it. If earning cash online was really that simple and easy, then everyone would have quit theirs jobs and went on a vacation to Tahiti while their websites made them millions of dollars a year. The truth that’s not going to happen today or any time soon. Don’t get discouraged, the only reason I’m saying this is so that I can weed out all the week people that don’t want to work out. I’m sick and tired of people looking for guides on how to easily earn money online without working or doing anything. Seriously, is there anything in life that comes easily? Do you just wake up one day and find yourself with a six pack? No, that’s not how life works. God helps those who help themselves. If you really want to quit your job any time soon then you’re going to have to work your butt off in order to succeed on the Internet.

Making money online is much harder than earning cash offline since your not just competing with the people in your community or city, but with the entire world! Still here? Great. You’re the type of person that is likely to succeed. Look, you really can make money online quickly but you’re going to need to work a bit, sometimes just a tiny bit other times a lot. Depends on how much you want to make it big.

For example, one of the simplest ways to earn money online is to write articles for other people. There are tons and tons bloggers and website owners looking for people to write posts and will usually pay $1 per every hundred words written. Now you may think that isn’t a lot bu the truth is it’s a great way to start off when you’re just beginning. If you just wrote two articles per day at an average of 500 words per articles, that’s an extra $10 every day. Now multiply that by 30 and you’re looking at $300/month. Tell me one person that wouldn’t want that in his account each month. The better you get at writing articles that more you’ll be able to type each day and the more money you’ll be able to make.

How many hours do you spend on Facebook and watching TV and playing games every day? If you took that time and spent it typing articles for others, you would make $1,000/month in no time. The problem is people is that people want to learn how to make money online easily and don’t want to get out of their comfort zone to actually earn any cash. For the rest of you that really want it, go out there and start working.

How to Make Money Online with AdSense

AdSense is a product by Googlel that enables website owners to make money online with their websites. I know what you’re thinking, how on earth can Google afford to pay people money to put up ads on their sites. Well, since their are people advertising their sites on AdWords, Google can give you a small cut of the revenue their making. Ever since Google introduced AdSense a few years ago, lots of people have started search for guides on how to make money online with AdSense and for good cause too. Top publishers are making hundreds of thousands of dollars every month from their websites.

Before you learn how to earn money with AdSense, you need to have a website that is getting quite a bit of traffic to it. The best thing about AdSense is that all you need to do is stick up some code on your website and you will immediately start to make money whenever someone clicks on the ads. This is very helpful since you don’t have to go around chasing advertisers and make sure you’re paid on time since all that is done by Google automatically.

Not all websites are created fairly, which is why some niches make a lot more money then others. For example, if you’ve got a website about loans and debt, then you’re going to make a lot more money then a gardening website. Usually websites in the finance and technology niche make the most money. If you’ve also got a website in the health category then you’ll also be able to make quite a bit of quick cash online.

The key factor in earning lots of money with AdSense is traffic. There only so much you can optimize on your website that traffic is what makes the difference in the end. The more traffic you have the more people that click ads and the more money you’re going to make. It’s really as simple as that. Optimizing your ads for the best results is also very important because if you place your ads somewhere nobody is going to click on them, then it’s not going to matter how many visitors you get every day because nobody is gonna see your ads.

If you really want to make money with AdSense, you need to make sure your ads fit in nicely with your blog so that they will get click more often. Just don’t tell anyone of your friends or family to click on the ads or else your account will get banned for invalid clicks. Lots of people think they can cheat AdSense, but come on guys, this is Google’s main business which they make billions of dollars from every year. Do you honestly think that changing your IP and clearing your cookies and then clicking the ads is going to work? Think again. Learning how to make money online with AdSense is easy, it’s the work involved in setting things up and getting traffic which makes the whole process difficult.

How to Make Money Online on the Internet

Many people need to make money in order to pay off their mortgage and pay the bills every month. The typical method to this is to either get a job, start your own company, or freelance on your own. Thanks to the Internet, now you can easily earn money on the Internet and work right from your bed. If you prefer setting your own vacations and setting how much you make every month, then working online from the Internet is the perfect solution for you. Lots of people earn cash online either by starting their own websites or selling products service. In fact, those are just two of the many ways to make money online, there are actually hundreds of other methods but they couldn’t possibly fit on one single page. We’d need a few hundred pages to give them the justice they deserve.

One of the most popular methods that thousands of people use to earn a full-time living online is selling some stuff on eBay. If you’re just looking for a bit of side income then that can easily be made by selling a few things you don’t need that are lying around your house. Though if you’d like to make a full-time living online selling things on eBay, you may want look into buying wholesale and into dropshipping which are the most well-known and straightforward methods of earning some decent profit with eBay.

Whenever someone asks me how to make money on the Internet, I tell them blogging. Blogging is one of the simplest ways of earning money online! If you’re passionate about something and have stuff to say about it, then just start a blog and start saying. Once you build a big enough audience you can put up AdSense ads or affiliate ads on your website and then make money from them. Tons of people have quite their jobs because there blogs became very successful and were able to give them the ability to become free from the whole job thing.

If you’re a designer and have pretty good knack for humor, then you can create funny shirts and sell them online. There are many websites that will pay you if any of your ideas are accepted and some will even allow you to setup your own online store and sell shirts. The company will usually take part of the profit and so will you. Everybody wins.

Freelancing. I always mention this whenever someone looking for information on how to make money online asks me for advice. Even though there are thousands of coders/designers in the world, there is still a huge shortage in the number of talented freelancers. If you’re able to provide excellent customer support and work, then people will come flocking to you asking you for you services. Making money on the Internet isn’t that hard if you work hard and keep trying.

How to Make Money Online with Google

Google is the most popular site on the Internet according to This giant search company makes over $25,000,000,000 a year. Ya, those are a lot of zeros. What’s really awesome is that you can also get a part of the pie as well! Google makes the majority of its money from advertising. Since billions of people use Google every month, advertising on it is a very lucrative option for hundreds of thousands of people worldwide. Those sites teaching you how to make money online with Google weren’t lying. You really can make some cash with Google’s AdSense program, a program that pays you to put advertisements on your site. Wait, let me rephrase that. AdSense is a program that pays you every time someone clicks on ad on your website. Hundreds of thousands of webmaster use AdSense on their websites and make millions of dollars a year, but the majority of those people earn mere pennies per day.

Most people don’t earn more than a few hundred dollars per year because they don’t know how to optimize their websites for AdSense and are clueless about pretty much everything to do with. They just sign up to the program and then stick up a few ads on their website and expect to retire. Things don’t work like that. If you really want to earn some decent cash with Google AdSense program, you’re going to need to work a bit. (Yes, I also hate that word but it really is only way to make money online.)

First you need to make sure you’ve got an AdSense account, you can sign up for one free at Once you’ve signed up for your account, you should have a place where you can create some new ads and get codes for them to place on your website. After you’ve done that you will need to start tweaking and testing out different ad layouts and color schemes to see which one works best for you. One color scheme that may work for your gardening website may not work very well for your photography website, keep that in mind. There are a few basic tips that should in theory increase you AdSense CTR quickly, but it’s really up to you to test out all the different layouts/colors/positions till you find the perfect one.

The other thing you need to pay attention to if you want to make money online with Google AdSense is that not all keywords are treated differently. If you’ve got a website about hairy koalas, then the clicks you get aren’t going to be worth as much as those that you get on your technology website. You can use Google’s Keyword tool to find out how much advertisers are willing to pay for their ads to appear on your website.

Finally, you can also earn money online with Google AdWords, but I’m not going to recommend that since I assume you’re just starting out and the worst thing you could is start spending money!

How to Earn Money Online

I personally know people that have wasted thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of their time trying to find out how to earn money online. These people are fooled by the expert sales pages and all the fancy bonuses that come with. Every time a new guide on how to make money online comes out they go ahead and buy it thinking it’s “the one”. These people either continue doing this till they’re broke/bankrupt, or they eventually find out it’s all a game and start making real cash online. Let’s face, even I have been suckered into some of those “get-rich-quick” scams! But just because there a few rotten worms in the apple, that doesn’t mean the whole apple is bad.

Thanks to the Internet, earning money online has become easier than ever. But because of this, it’s also become extremely competitive as well. Though if you’re smart and use your brain wisely, earning cash online will be a piece of cake for you! All it takes are a few guidelines to get you started and some hard work with effort.

There are some fast ways to earn money online and some long ways. The long will obviously take more time to do but will pay off a lot more. For example, some of you might have heard of the sale of Bankaholic for fifteen million dollars. The owner had been working on the website for 3 years when he sold it for that price, and if you divide that amount by the total amount of days he was working, it’ll come out to more than 10 grand every day! Not everyone has that sort of dedicate though. I’m one of the people that expects to see the fruits of my labor as soon as I do something (I’m getting better though).

But if you just need some quick cash to invest back into your future, then you might want to try out freelancing or flipping websites for some quick profit. Those are the two easiest ways to make money online, even if you don’t have any skills with computers (you can write articles as a freelancer and make quite a bit of money every month). To keep it simple, the Internet is a huge place, bigger than any city or country in the world. People complain that earning money online is too difficult since there is so much competition, but that couldn’t be any further from the truth. Anyone claiming that there is too much competition has either never tried or has not tried enough. Simple as that. Even in the most competitive niches in the world there is still room to do better and succeed. The truth is, most people already know how to earn money online, but what they really want is a silver platter with the silver bullet.

How to Make Money Blogging

Although the Internet has been around for quite a while, blogging just appeared online a few years ago. A blog is basically like an online diary where you can write new things everyday, unlike a static website. Originally a blog was a way to share you personal thoughts and provide updates about whatever it is in your life you felt like giving updates about. But soon blogs became more of a way to write posts/articles on all types of subjects. Some of the most popular blogs on the Net makes millions of dollars per year, but if you want to learn how to make money blogging online, you’re going to have to start off slowly. Making money blogging is probably one of the worst ways to make money online since it takes a lot of time and patience. If you want to make a full time living from blogging, then you might never achieve your goal unless you have a passion for a very popular thing (like technology). But I’m sorry to say you won’t be earning cash online if you’re just going to blog something like the smell of bees.

The first step is to choose what your blog is going to be about. You should choose something you’re already passionate about so the whole process will be a lot easier. Once you’ve chosen what you blog is going to be about, you will need to get yourself some webhosting and a domain name. Make sure the domain name is the same name as the website and that is it short and easy to remember. For instance, if you’re going to start a website about Nokia phones, you might call it NokiaZone or some cheesy name like that.

Once you’ve set up your blog on WordPress (one-click with Fantastico), you just opened up a whole new can of worms. You’ve now entered the world of promotion, linkbuilding, and SEO. Yes, that all may sound scary but like I said, blogging isn’t exactly one of the easiest ways to earn money online. You need to produce high quality content so that you will get readers and might even decide to write a few guest posts on other websites. If you don’t feel comfortable with buying your own hosting or domain (come on, they’re just a few bucks, it’ll be worth it), then you can sign up at Blogger or Though you cannot place any AdSense ads on WordPress, so I’d recommend choosing Blogger if you end up taking the free route.

There are lots of websites that offer you free internet marketing tools which you can use to promote your blog, and you should take advantage of them. This post is simply an introduction and is only teaching you the basics of how to make money blogging. There’s no official manual you can read to be set. People will share a few things, but not everything, which is why it’s up to you to search the Net for pages and websites that will give you tips on how to earn money online with your blog.

How to Make Money Online Taking Surveys

Before a company starts mass production of a product, it needs to make sure that the customers are going to like it and buy it. They need lots and lots of opinions from tons of different people of different ages and personalities to make sure their product is going to be a hit. People don’t like taking long surveys for nothing in return, which is why companies spend lots of money on getting user feedback. Making money online with surveys is possible because companies are constantly on the lookout for testers willing to try out products and complete surveys to voice their opinions on a product.

The Internet makes it possible for these huge businesses to get tons of feedback from different types of people all around the country and pay lots of money to do so. There are many survey websites that have partnerships with these companies and pay you every time you try out a product or take a survey after reading about or using one of their products. You won’t be able retire from the money you make online taking surveys, but you will make enough cash to make the whole process worth your while.

There are lots and lots of survey sites online that it gets pretty hard to distinguish the legit ones from the scams. Luckily, the best ones usually have positive reviews from many websites and make them easy to spot. You will need to set aside at least an hour every day if you want to make some cash by taking surveys online. First you will need to go sign up to an established and well-known survey site that has positive reviews and a wide range of topics. Just search Google for “site name” reviews and you will get your answer. Once you’ve signed up to these sites, I recommend you setup a new email account and purchase a prepaid telephone number which you will use to sign up for offers or surveys on the survey site.

Many people don’t like making money online taking surveys since they claim that there inboxes get hundreds of spam messages from these companies that promote a bunch of other offers and products. But…if you play it right and create a separate identity for yourself when signing up to these sites, you will be able to save yourself the trouble caused by the all the spam you get.

You might also want to make a new credit card just for taking surveys and singing up for offers. Many of these survey websites will tell you to pay a trial fee for a product before you can test it out and it’s your responsibility to cancel the subscription before the trial period ends or else they will charge you full price. If you want to make money with surveys for a long period of time, be sure to answer all the questions honestly and precisely or else your account may get banned from the survey websites.

How to Make Money Online from Home

While browsing the web, you’ve probably seen those advertisements that show you this “average Joe” who makes thousands of dollars every month while playing games or some rubbish like that. Although it is possible to make money online from home, it’s not as easy as those ads claim it is to be. The only reason they make the whole process look like a piece of cake to you is so that your end up buying something from them (which, by the way, is complete rubbish as well). If you want to make money from home and came here expecting me to give you some sort of holy pill that will make it shower dollars, tough luck, that’s not gonna happen. What I can give you though are some proven and tested methods to make money online from home that thousands of people use to earn a pretty nice side income online working from the comfort of their homes in their free time.

Do you have certain skills first of all? If you don’t, earning quick cash online is going to be quite a pretty hard thing to do. I’m not saying it’s going to be impossible, but not easy. On the other hand, if you know HTML, CSS, Photoshop, or all those other geeky things, then bringing home the bacon isn’t going to be a problem for you.

First we’ll start off with the computer illiterate people (where have you been for the past 10 years?). I assume you will have a decent knowledge of the English language and know how to write good….sorry, I mean write well. The Internet is driven by primarily driven by content, which also happens to make lots of money. (The more content your site has the more people it’s going to get. More people equal more $$$). Anyways, lots of people online are looking for decent English-speaking people to write articles for them. So if English happens to be your first language, congratulations, you just found a way to make a few hundred dollars per month. Go to Google and search for “freelance writing jobs” and behold the vast amount of people looking for writers online. Click on one of the results and start your search for people that need you. Once you get started there’s nothing that can make you slow down.

Now, for you nerds, you’ve got it a bit easier. Since you HTML and CSS, you’re geared up to make your own website and everything that goes with it. Most of you will know how to whip up a logo or template albeit a bit cheesy. You can then promote your website using articles or comments and put up AdSense ads to earn money from it. Of course if you want to make any money that will be enough to pay for a movie ticket, you’re going to have to do quite a bit of promotion and might even start flipping websites for money! Or…you could head over to one of the many freelance websites and see which projects suit your taste. Many people are willing to pay $200-500 for a decent WordPress theme, so if you know a bit of PHP, HTML, CSS, and know how to slice up Photoshop, you may just have found your calling!

Like I said at the beginning, make money online from home isn’t easy, and despite what many will tell you, there is no magic pill, but with a bit of hard work you will definitely be able to make a bit of cash on the side!